Should I Invest in the Home Cash Course? Is it a Scam?

The home cash course, Hmmmm. Sounds like another “get rich quick idea. Well, some of these Home Cash Course programs do have good learning materials, videos, step by step instructions and marketing training. Very importantly most of these Home Cash courses have a 60 to 90 day money back guarantee. The real problem for most people is that they are looking for a “get rich quick” program. You have to actually spend time learning how to market your Home Cash Course product(s). It takes time and energy to learn the most effective marketing principles and procedures, and you must learn to do this very, very well. Some of the Home Cash Courses offer step by step techniques to market their program(s). Their also is a small investment ($100.00 to $125.00) to buy the affiliate rights (explained later), web site hosting and a Domain name (address for you web page).


What? The best way to make money with the Home Cash Course is to become an “affiliate”. Affiliate programs allow an online marketer to sell another persons or companies product or service for a commission fee foe each product or service sold. These commission fees can be as much as 75% of the sales price. You can be an affiliate for as many products as you choose. It’s best to start out slow with one or two products until you become proficient with marketing the products online. You should also take the time to research the products that interest you. You can use Google and Clickbank to find the best selling products and research the owners of the products. The “best” Home Cash Course I have found will teach you how to research products and their owners.

Most of the “Home Cash Courses” sell you the Affiliate rights to their products and that’s all you get for your money. You’re on your own. If you get them some “sells” OK. If not also OK.

The good “Home Cash Courses” like the one I recommend give you Affiliate rights, “TEACH you how to market your product and give you a free Web site with three of the Hottest best selling programs on the net today. They also show you how to set up a Clickbank account so people can pay you for your sells. They also show you how to use Google and Clickbank to find and research Affiliate programs and owners. You need several good products to make money online.

You should also join a Forum.

A Forum is an Internet community where people can talk about online marketing and post questions for more experienced online marketers to post answers To their questions and concerns. The “Home Cash Course” I recommend offers their own forum of Affiliates this allows Online marketers selling the same products to help each other be successful.

SO. Should you invest in “The Home Cash Course” systems?

IF you will…

1. Take the time to learn to market your product(s).
2. Follow the step by step instructions to learn how Internet marketing works.
3. Have $100.00 to $125.00 to invest in the product course, web hosting and a domain name.